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PastryURday was inspired by my kids, so that I could pursue my love for baking and cooking. After working as a qualified professional caterer for 20 years in the West Indies.

I wanted to bring those home made flavors and sweetness to share with everyone to enjoy.  

                                  - Ann Permanan

Baking Ingredients
The Baking

PastryURday pastries are all home made pastries. It captures the Caribbean cuisine in an incredible blending of tropical flavors and multicultural influences that have been enhanced over generations. 


"I love the cheese roll! The flaky crust, melts in your mouth, then the cheesy spicy deliciousness evolves. The perfect amount of cheese to pastry. If you never have one, you should definitely make the attempt and try. You will not be dissatisfied or disappointed."

                    - Diana Ganesh

Baking Pastry
Contact Me

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in PastryUrday. We make
homemade pastries from the Caribbean. Once you’ve tasted you
will keep coming back. Our chef is our mom with twenty years
of experience. We hope to one day go from selling under a tent

to selling in a bakery.
Enjoy and come again.

WE DO CATERING call or Text (754) 307-4596 for more information.

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